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incorporate offshore company

Offshore Company Formation

There are a number of elements in every offshore corporation, each with its own purpose and function. In the case of an offshore corporation, they are quite similar to any "regular" company.

This is how the offshore company formation usually happens in Belize:

You can easily order your Belize offshore company incorporation by using our online offshore company formation form.

The Order form for offshore incorporation is quite simple, and it contains explanations and comments on all important points concerning offshore company setting up issues.

If you do not wish to send your offshore company incorporation order over internet, please download the Order form from our downloads section, complete and send it to us by fax.

If you choose a shelf company from our ready-made list rather than incorporate an offshore company, the same Order form for offshore incorporation should be filled. The shelf company is registered and already exists, but its final configuration only takes shape after we have an order.

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